Russell Tym

Owner/Managing Director

It’s not often you find someone say they’re genuinely happy. But MoneyLink’s Russell Tym is one of those extraordinary humans.

But just what is he happy about?

“Family life, work life and I’m happy with my sporting and physical activities – just happy with everything.”

Naturally positive, and openly satisfied with life, Russell has provided financial advice to thousands of people since his career started in the industry in 1981, and he wouldn’t change a thing.

“I was always drawn to finance. I’m fascinated by financial products, and enjoy following what’s happening in the financial markets.

I get great satisfaction from providing advice to clients and seeing them get ahead financially.”

Russell is something of an identity in the Central West, having written a weekly column for the Central Western Daily for many years, and presenting two radio shows which help communicate useful information to anyone interested in improving finances.

He’s also heavily involved in community work and has been part of the Orange Rotary Club for 36 years, and done a great deal of community service work through the club. One event he’s particularly proud of being part of is The Great Volcanic Mountain Challenge. Russell organises the 11k trail fun run near Orange every year, which raises funds for community activities.

Russell is a past Chairman of the Orange Regional Museum Fund – which has helped raise money to build our award winning museum in Orange.

Russell has competed in orienteering in the World Masters Games in New Zealand. Orienteering is a sport which involves going out to a remote area of forest or national park with a map, and trying to find your way across the country to locate a series of checkpoints… and get to the finish location. Russell acknowledges the similarities between the two passions…

‘There is a strong correlation between orienteering, financial planning and the financial life journey.”

‘But we need to remember it’s not all about reaching the destination, we must remember to enjoy the journey.’

Russell is driven and energized by the opportunities his work affords him. He knows he’s had many opportunities to positively influence people, and to enable them to achieve things they hadn’t thought possible. It’s why he continues to work and achieve. To enable people to get ahead, stay ahead and win.

“You don’t need to be rich to need financial advice. I’m happy to talk to anyone who is seriously interested in improving their financial circumstances.” Russell says.

And judging by the continued success of the MoneyLink group in the Central West, Sydney and Brisbane, it seems that Russell and his team are doing something right.

Russell has been lucky enough to attend quite a few Olympic Games events over the years, and has seen some wonderful winning performances by some exceptional athletes.

Because that’s what Russell does; watches as the winners have their moment.